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                  1. Service

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                    Full Service

                    No matter how perfect a product is, it must have excellent all-round service. By setting up a service team, we provide you with technical advice, extensive training, and high-quality and reliable after-sales service.

                    technical consulting

                    We are committed to finding the most reliable solution for your needs, providing experienced technical advice. Our extensive application technical knowledge, our in-depth understanding of induction brazing as a whole, combined with our extensive testing and analytical capabilities, are the basis for us to always be able to provide quality solutions.

                    After-sales service

                    Our strong and professional after-sales service team, reliable and quick to respond, escorts your equipment and ensures that your equipment can always run efficiently. We can provide spare parts quickly and timely to relieve your worries.

                    Operation training

                    Our training mechanisms and programmes enable comprehensive training of your equipment operators. Trainees can use the equipment efficiently and accurately.

                    Maintenance training

                    With regular maintenance and upkeep, the service life of each piece of equipment can be increased. We provide maintenance training so that you can better guarantee your production. Maintenance staff can learn all about preventive maintenance so your equipment is always running smoothly.

                    Parts replacement

                    We have established our own spare parts library to stock up on the faulty parts that may occur in the equipment that has been in use for many years at the customer's site, so that the equipment parts can be quickly replaced to ensure the continuity of the customer's production.

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