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                  1. About us

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                    Position 1?: 1 PLC electrical engineer

                    Work contents:

                    1. Responsible for completing electrical-related tasks of engineering projects, including selection of electrical components, making BOMs for electrical parts of the project, drawing electrical schematic drawings, drawing electrical schematics with CAD, programming and debugging PLC and HMI programs, and proficient in Siemens, Mitsubishi and other PLCs Programming, proficient in touch screen design such as Mitsubishi and Weiluntong, familiar with common automation products and control technologies such as servo, inverter, analog, MODBUS communication, etc., able to independently complete the electrical design and debugging of equipment or automation equipment;

                    2. Coordinate and manage the project operation process, and complete the proofreading, process or mutual review of the design drawings of other electrical engineers in the group according to the arrangement;

                    3. Do a good job of design coordination and communication with the mechanical engineers in the project team;

                    4. Responsible for the preparation, modification, sorting, updating and filing of project output data.

                    Position 2?: 1 electronic engineer

                    Work contents:

                    1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics related major;

                    2. Responsible for circuit board schematic design and PCB layout work;

                    3. Test and verify the design circuit board, solder and debug the experimental board;

                    4. The writing and design of the microcontroller program;

                    5. Have knowledge of hardware circuits, be proficient in the analysis and design of analog and digital circuits, and have design experience;

                    6. Have experience in single-chip microcomputer development, and experience in C language programming;

                    7. Proficient in using circuit design tools and drawing tools;

                    8. Proficient in the use of multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators and other instruments.

                    Familiarity with the following is preferred:

                    1. Safety and EMC design and evaluation;

                    2. Calculation and selection of key power devices and magnetics.

                    3. Familiar with the basic topology principle of switching power supply, skilled in the use of power devices;

                    4. Familiar with the characteristics and applications of MOSFET and IGBT devices;

                    5. Familiar with phase-shifted full-bridge, PWM rectification, LLC circuit topology is preferred.

                    contact details:

                    Contact: Ms. Wang

                    Tel: 18100362536

                    Resume delivery email: yani_wang@tungray.com.cn

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